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July 30th - 2023

This is a fifth sunday when the chit chat and cuppa follow the service
rather than before the servioce. 

29 Minutes

Easter Sunday 2023

32 Minutes

Palm Sunday - April 2nd 2023

30 Minutes

John the Baptism - What do we use our Baptism gift for?


March 26th, 2023


35 Minutes

Importance of Baptism in our lives - ´╗┐Matthew 3:13-17

33 minutes

10th July 2022

May 22nd - John 14 - Edit 28 mins
Mother's Day - May 8th - 26 minutes (Edited)
Edited version - Anzac Eve Service (Mass) - 24th April (31 minutes)
Edited version of Easter Eve Service 2022 (27 Minutes)

Edited version of the 2022 Seder Passover meal and Mass

Click on graphic left (35 Minutes)

If you would like to view a copy of the service booklet - Click Here

Sermon 20th March, 2022

Click on graphic on left. (16 minutes)

This video is edited for easy viewing

Ash Wednesday Service and imposition of ashes. (2nd March)
28 mins

(Ashes mixed in oil frpm the Holy Land were distributed to all zoom members
together with the reserved sacrament for the mass)

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. The camera was not aimed correctly for the sermon.

This video is edited for easy viewing

Sunday 27th February 2022 - EDIT 28 minutes.

"Pray for those who thirst for living water"

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This video is down for easy viewing

Sunday 19th December 2021

A 24 minute edited version of the Pre-Christmas Mass

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This video is edited for easy viewing

Sunday 24th October 2021

This 20 minute presentation does not give you the complete service,
but is designed to give you an idea of how the service flows.

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This video is edited for easy viewing


23rd May 2021

Service can be viewed by clicking here or graphic


Seder (Jewish Passover) and Mass followed by meal at home.

Background, Order of service and photos - Click here.

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In Holy Week we also held a Palm Sunday and Tenabrae Service.

No Video for 2021 - 2022 Service will be added on 14th April

If you would like to consider further "Why Prayer does not seem to work at times?"
then click on the photo at left to see and hear the homily Father Max delivered
at Mt Barker parish July 18 2021