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If you are looking for a church community that actually 'cares', then read on.
Sadly the conventional church is losing members rapidly because it has forgotten the basic ingredient. People need to feel valued and cared for in their Christian journey.

We are currently using the app "Zoom" to keep in contact with fellow Christians and whilst this method of communication is not perfect, it at least allows visual and speaking contact with each other. ANY Christian tradition can join us or if you are one simply searching in your faith journey, we would welcome you as well. Currently zoom members come from SA and Vic but all states welcome.

As a result, a Sunday Mass (2nd, 4th & 5th weeks) allows for people to continue to receive the physical sacrament, but in their homes. 5th Sundays incorporate an extended "Cuppa and Chat". We also have two get together camps a year for those wishing to experience this bonding opportunity..

An overview of our Zoom Church Gatherings, Click Here - (PDF)

To view a copy of the Order of Service, Click Here - (PDF)

To view a video sample of a Zoom Mass meeting, Click here. - (MP4)

So who is welcome to join in the Home Church Zoom Service?
All are Welcome NO MATTER WHICH AUSTRALIAN STATE YOU LIVE IN, and especially those looking for a more personal and relaxed approach to regular church services.. If you would like to be a part of our 'Non Traditional' Sunday Zoom Church, first have a look at some of the various videos to see if you would be interested to join us, and then you can indicate your interest by clicking here

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