Zoom Seder Passover Meal and Mass 2022
  Photos of Zoom Camp in Bendigo - February 2022
  One of Ernie's contributions for "Show and Tell" at start of the service. A real Gem.
  The weekly set up for Zoom Mass. (Fast Motion) 20 minutes set up in 2 minutes.
  The Addamos go bush - June through August

A happy pose with good reason.
The month of June saw Miguel turn 50 and Jordan 23.



The Stanley Family in Action - June 2021


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Gail adds a few photos from her Beech Forest Trip


Left to right
Debbie youngest
Gail eldest
Ann middle
Julie 2nd middle
These redwoods pine trees were planted in 1896.
Planted by refugees from world wars.

Some Photo Gallery slide shows or pictures work better if you understand the above guide.


Sherene's Lost Week in Paradise - May 2021


.mpg file.

  Zoom Camp at Halls Gap - February 2021