Please fill in the below information to show your interest in attending a camp at Pine Country Caravan Park Mt Gambia SA.
Camp Site (Sites and Cabins) is "Dog Friendly"

October 28-30
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Interest in Camp at Bendigo

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Thursday 27th October & overnight

Fri-Sun 28 to 30 - Fri and Sat Nights, Leave Sunday after Lunch.

Fri-Sun 28 to 31 - Fri, Sat & Sun Nights, Leave Monday morning.

Monday 1st November & Overnight - leave Tuesday morn

Tuesday 2nd November & Overnight - Leave Wednesday morn


Caravan    $ 36per night ***

Cabin - On own   $110 per night ***

I am happy to share a cabin.

I/we prefer a cabin on my/our own.

*** Additional $45 for extra food, bits and pieces, and powered site for out community tent etc

Bringing a Dog

I /we will be bringing a dog(s)

I /we will NOT be bringing a dog

Any Food Allergies

Any comments you may wish to make.

The proposed get together weekend at Mount Gambia - 28th - 30th October 2022